Archaeologist Kay Hunter is young and enthusiastic, but her determination to prove the existence of an urban myth called The Black Book will lead her ever deeper into a shady world that has already taken the lives of over a dozen men since it was lost in 1947 as, in collaboration with her French Connection, she begins the search for a work that may contain nothing less than the secret of life itself....Cool, chic and compelling, The Black Book delivers on every front, accelerating as it does towards an action packed conclusion that will challenge one's very concept of reality.


 It was all a world apart from her Harvard roots. Now, at the age of twenty-seven, 

a thousand books had been replaced by the dust of a thousand graves 

in which the past had buried its secrets with the dead, 

and it was not impossible that the sea herself 

was about to break her silence.


And yet, despite himself, the fear remained as he checked his mirrors, running now through his veins like some viral infection. A fear of the shadows; a fear of the night; a fear of everything to which he couldn't put a name; a fear that next time he stepped from that car he would end up the same way as a dozen men who had gotten too close to The Black Book.

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